half-and-half crossword 5

Another puzzle offering you trivia clues across and cryptic clues down.  For the interactive version, please click below:

half-and-half crossword 5 – interactive version

And for the printable version, either click on the image of the puzzle, or on the link below:

half-and-half crossword 5 – printable version

Solutions can now be found here.

half and half crossword 5

christmas cryptic quiz, part one

As usual, below are five clues on the left-hand side, next to which are the cryptic techniques you need to use to get to the solutions. To confuse things, of course, the clues and the techniques have been mixed up.

However, this time you don’t need to match them to definitions – they are all the same. That makes it easier, doesn’t it? Ok, to help a little, you’ll find they are all in some way related to the season.

For further instructions, please see cryptic quiz 1.

Solutions can now be found in the comments.

christmas cryptic quiz